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925 Sterling Silver Jewelry:
Sterling silver jewelry need a little care in order to retain its original bright silver shine. The jewelry you receive from Fine Heart is ensconced in a box which is purposed to help retain the jewelry’s original shine.

When not wearing the sterling silver piece, please keep it in the original box or a similarly purposed jewelry case.  An air tight plastic bag or an anti-tarnish bag also works.

Note: Please know that some type of woods create a reaction with the sterling silver. If you have a wooden jewelry case (particularly if the wood is not sealed), please place your jewelry in a plastic bag or an anti-tarnish jewelry bag.

vivian cream

vivian pink
To clean sterling silver jewelry with pearls, precious or semi-precious gemstones, use a polishing cloth (never any type of "cleaning dip") to renew the silver’s bright shine.

To clean sterling silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals, you can occasionally use an organic chemical dip to brighten the sterling silver. You can also wash the jewelry with soap and water to get the dust off crystal pieces. Wipe with a soft cloth and lay out to dry completely.

14k Gold Filled or Solid Gold Jewelry:
Wear and simply place in a jewelry box when not in use. 14k gold filled jewelry will retain its color and shine with very little maintenance.

If you have any questions, just e-mail me.

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