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Stones & Colors

(red, pink, orange, yellow)

Garnet - red
Ruby - red or deep pink
Rose Quartz - light pink
Pink Opal - light pink
Pink Tourmaline - deep pink
Ruby Jade - red (dyed)
Carnelian - deep orange
Red Adventurine - orange
Mandarin Chalcedony - orange & white
Citrine - yellow
Tiger Eye- yellow & brown
garnet necklace
sapphire necklace
(green, teal, blue, purple)
Peridot - light green
Green Adventurine - old jade green
Jade - olive green
Malachite - hunter green
Turquoise - deep teal green
Aquamarine - pale teal blue
Blue Topaz - deep teal blue
London Blue Topaz - deep blue teal hue
Amazonite - light green blue
Malachite/Azurite - deep green & blue mix
Kyanite - sky blue
Iolite - dark blue
Lapis Lazuli - opaque bright to dark blue
Sodalite - dark blue (opaque)
Amethyst - deep purple or violet
Pink Amethyst - light purple or violet
African Amethyst - light purple & cream
(black, white, gray, brown)
Moonstone - milky white
Opal - milky white with sparkle
Labradorite - gray with opal like shimmer
Hematite - charcoal gray to black
Black Onyx - solid black
Smoky Quartz - mocha brown

White, Natural, Cream,
Champagne, Peach,
Light Pink, Bright Pink,
Wine, Cranberry, Red,
Dark Green, Lime Green, Deep Teal,
Peacock (multi-colored from blues to purples),
Navy Blue, Purple, Light Violet
Charcoal, Chocolate, Black
labradorite earrings

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