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Some guys know exactly what they will buy for their gals. Some guys, not a clue. For those who have not a clue or for those who may have a clue but just want some reassurance, here's a few helpful hints.

First some vocabulary lessons:
jewelry. sparkly things women can't seem to have enough of; a gift that will bring a smile to her face for sure; always a great anniversary present.

handmade jewelry. made by hand. custom designed. created by one person. custom is the key - all pieces can be adjusted to her size, style, or color.

birthstones. gemstones that are assigned to the month your gal was born in. find out which stone click here.

Swarovski crystal. a crystal is a "man made stone" which comes in many colors (since it is man made) and can substitute for most gemstone colors. (not to be confused with a diamond, glass, or cubic zirconia)

gemstones. naturally occurring stones which usually classified as precious and semi- precious stones.

pearls. fresh water pearls cultivated from farms.
Swarovski crystal pearls. man made (see note above)
Since I don't know your gal and presumably you do, here are a few questions you can answer to get closer to your goal of finding the perfect jewelry gift.

Does she wear jewelry?
What color clothes does she seem to wear?
Does she have a formal style or a casual style?
Does she dress up a lot or just for work?

Is she more into pinks, reds and spatkly things?
Is she more into browns, blues, and earth tones?
Is she somewhere in between but it depends on her mood? (Yeah, I know.)

Okay, some easier things to figure out are below. If you're not sure, take a few days and observe.
crystal turquoise

What month is her birthday?
Does she wear sterling silver or gold jewelry?
Dresses or pants?
Low cut or conservative tops?
Long and dangley earrings?
Short and closer to her ear type earrings?
Ears pierced?
Any metal allergies?
Is she always wearing gold jewelry or silver?
Does she wear bracelets?
Big necklaces or small dainty ones?
A penchant for a simple single pendant on a chain?
Pearls, stones or really shiny things?

Never noticed? Well, it's never too late to start.

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