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What Is A Fine Heart Jewelry Party?
It's just like having an open house for your neighbors and friends. Open your home, invite a few people over, we bring wine & cheese or cookies & tea for a lovely afternoon or evening of fun shopping. Your friends can finally get up close and personal with the jewelry pieces!
Why Host A Jewelry Party?
Ever feel like you need more jewelry but can't wholly afford it right now? Host a party and earn free jewelry! We offer several "host rewards" for opening up your home to us and introducing us to your friends.
What Makes a Fine Heart Party So Different?
Each piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade in Virginia with only real sterling silver and gold metals. Talk to the Artist and custom design a piece just for you. We custom fit every piece of jewelry purchased, so there is no second guessing sizes. Pick your pieces and if they are just the way you like them, take them home the same day. Encourage your friends to peruse their closets and bring outfits which need accessorizing and we will work with each person.
Host Rewards
Have a party with 4 guests or more and receive a $15 FHB Gift Certificate PLUS get a 25% discount on items you purchase at the party PLUS get 10% to 21% in Fine Heart jewelry monies of your guest sales total.