Solutions For Place or Space

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Custom Build Homes

Custom homes are designed from the ground up and includes helping you find the perfect site. These homes speak of beauty, elegance and comfort.  Individual styles of our clients show through each unique home design.

Renovation of Older Homes

Redesign or rework of an existing home including creating additional spaces. A renovation project typically presents a greater design challenge than a house designed from scratch. The task is to marry the existing home’s restrictions with the client’s wish list (program requirements). We are proud to show creative solutions for various design styles. We like to create a seamless design between the new and old.

Kitchen Rebuilds

The heart of the home is the kitchen. Typically the most lived in space in the house, we take our kitchen designs very seriously creating functional and beautiful spaces where your love ones love to gather again and again.

Great Escape Spaces

Arbors as sun shades, outside kitchens for your upcoming summer entertainment needs, new sunrooms and yes, even man and woman caves. We can create a new place where you can get away to relax and refresh.