What To Expect – A Brief Overview

Architecture Design Process

Design Phase

A call followed shortly by a Site Visit to review your land, property or existing home
An initial consultation and assessment of your wish list and program program requirements
A second site visit to confirm property and house conditions that may affect design solutions

We begin what is called a Schematic Design. Floor plans and sketches of various ideas and proposals
Meetings to review the floor plans, sketches, elevations and discussion of material components or if any selections
Development of exterior facades, exterior materials. Identify and define stylistic decisions
Meetings to discuss additional design details

Construction Documentation Phase

Construction Documentation
Finalize plans, interior elements and materials
Create architectural drawing set for contractors and county representatives
Final structural approval of drawing set by structural engineer
Final client approval of plans

Bid and Negotiation Phase

Distribution of drawing set to various general contractors
Site visits to see potential contractors work
Meetings with general contractors to secure bids, estimates and review contracts.
General contractor selection. Secure construction timelines and schedules.

Construction Management Phase

Final selection and purchase of finishes and materials
Weekly meetings and inspections to review construction progress
Final approval and final county inspections